We make space for meaningful change in schools.

Milgo is a digital platform that empowers staff to discover insights about the students, identifies new improvement opportunities and propose ways to act upon them

The problem
The problem

Schools can’t level up when they are flooded in routine.

With teachers already burdened by too many procedures and responsibilities, finding room for reflection becomes increasingly challenging.

The Solution

Evolution works through a long stream of small changes.

We believe that data driven, small incremental changes in the classrooms are the path to a continuous improvement.

The Solution
The full process

How Milgo Works

Stakeholder Discovery

An exploration and design process with our experts, personalizing the catalog of tools so that they are aligned with educational vision.

School Rollout

Staff choose a focal topic to tackle, quickly kickstarting the process and experiencing all the aspects of Milgo  

Student Input 

Students provide honest and timely feedback, in a fun and engaging manner

Teacher Enlightenment

“Story” reports incorporate noteworthy data points, key insights, and practical next steps.

Sparking Conversations

Automatically generated presentations encourage dialogue about data and insights, promoting further growth
Our values


Prioritized teachers and students privacy, ensures a safe environment for dialogue

Culture Change

Repeated data-driven improvement cycles embed ongoing learning into school culture


Ongoing analytic and insight reports provide stakeholders perspective on school operations

What they say about us

In a year-long study carried out by University of Illinois, Milgo surpassed traditional methods for boosting social and emotional learning and academics among 7th graders.
Milgo students outperformed their peers in all seven metrics, with particularly significant differences in the areas of school engagement, self-reported grades, and self-management - 6.5%, 6%, and 4% respectively.
״Milgo helped me work with those invisible students and focus my attention not only on the difficult or outstanding ones. It helped me see a lot of things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.“
Neta Lip
Elementry school teacher, Tel Aviv
Insights created

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